Rules for the International Testing Facility of racing Pigeons One Loft Race – TS Mocenok 2017

1. Organization

A sole organizer of International One Loft Race TS Mocenok is OZ TS Mocenok, Horna Kralova, Slovak Republic.
Loft address: Rokosova str. 281, SK-95131 Mocenok, Slovak Republic.

2. Registration and accomodation of pigeons (year of born 2017).
For 2017 the total number of pigeons is set at 600 entries. All entries are registered. The first 500 registered pigeons are permitted to participate in this One Loft Race on first come first served basis.
The registration period starts on 15th of December 2016 and ends on 30th of April 2017. The pigeons must be delivered between 15.03.2017 and 31.05.2017. The delivery address is TS Mocenok, Rokosova str. 281, SK-95131 Mocenok, Slovak Republic. The delivery for Slovak participants is every Monday from 08.00 a.m. untill 08.00 p.m. and every Saturday from 10.00 a.m. till 06.00 p.m. International participants are welcomed same days as Slovak participants , but also other days of the week can be arranged with organizer (by appointment only). It is necessary to have agreed over the phone or e-mail. After 31th of May 2017 no more pigeons shall be accepted, even if these have been entered and paid in advance. The organizer is planning to collect pre-paid pigeons of registered participants 3 times in Czech Republic, 2 times in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. Dates, times and collection stations will be published in advance on the official website of the organization (
- pigeons should not be younger than 5 weeks and not older than 8 weeks;
- all participating pigeons must be ringed with an official FCI approved 2017 fixed foot ring;
- all pigeons must be vaccinated prior to delivery against paramyxo and accompanied with the necessary vaccination veterinary documents;
- all delivered pigeons must have paid the entry fee which is set per pigeon at €30 (Thirty Euro) + €5 per pigeon if not delivered in person to the loft;
- all delivered pigeons must have written confirmation of registration. Without this confirmation pigeons will NOT be allowed;

2 a. Pedigree and Proof of ownership.
The pigeons must be delivered with a proof of ownership and the most complete, min. 3 generation pedigree (entered pigeon, parents, grand parents). The pedigree or pedigrees of all participating pigeons must be placed in the sealed envelope, size A4. At the delivery of pigeons, the notary public will stamped seals of the envelope and the propriate owner or other person with owner´s power of attorney will sign it. Notary public or appointed assistant will enter to the computer the name of participant and ring numbers and electronic chip number of entered pigeons. After this, ring number will be immediately covered with a heat shrink ruber band, so no one could see the ring number during the whole period in the loft. Pedigrees will be all the time during the race season placed at the notary public´s safe and will be opened only after the season during the public auction or on return of the pigeons to the owner after the season.
Every owner of participating pigeons is fully responsible for the min. 3-gen. pedigrees and proof of ownership. If there will be any discrepancy (wrong number, incomplete pedigree, missing proof of ownership, etc.) after opening the envelope, pigeon will be disqualified from the results achieved.

Pedigree is not necessary when delivering pigeons to the TS Mocenok, but proof of ring ownership is a MUST. If pedigree is not delivered before the final race (in person, e-mail or via registered mail, pigeon is becomming a property of TS Mocenok), pigeon will not be basketed for the final race.

2 b. Veterinary certificate.
All participating pigeons which are delivered to the One Loft Race loft must be accompanied with the valid veterinary certificate which states the date of vaccination against Paramixovirus desease. The veterinary certificate should not be older on the date of delivery of the pigeons than 2 weeks.

2 c. Entry Fee.
All participants delivering pigeons to the One Loft Race Station must have written confirmation of registration and paid entry fee in the sum of 30€/pigeon to the bank account (bank info click here). In the case, that entry fee was not paid at the day of registration, it can be paid on delivery. The 10% surcharge will be charged (30€ + 10% = 33€ per pigeon registered). All pigeons which are not auctioned after the final race via Amazing Wings Auctions or EPBL Auctions, will be offered for sale in the fixed price auction. The participating pigeon owner is fully responsible to provide organizers with personal changes (address, phone number, e-mail address changes) via registered postal mail. Organizer is taking NO RESPONSIBILITY for damage caused by not providing updated fancier´s information (change of address, change of e-mail, change of telephone number, change of bank account, etc.).

2 d. Registration.
All pigeons can be registered with the „Registration Form“ which can be downloaded from the official website of the One Loft Race and mailed via postal mail or can be e-mailed to: or via the phone at: +421-944-374-004 daily from 9,00 am till 06,00 pm. (monday – friday).

3. Veterinary Care
All pigeons will be treated before the start of a racing season, based on recommendation of the veterinary doctor (pigeon specialist) to Adeno-coli virus, Ornitosis, Hexamitosis, Trichmonasis (Canker), Salmonelosis (Paratyphoid), Cocidiosis and will be vaccinated against Pokes, Herpesvirus, and Paramyxovirus. Whole season pigeons will be given Improver and Antifungal made by Pigeon Vitality Co. – Norway and products from Greenvet (Italy). Complete information about treatment and vaccination will be posted weekly on the official web site of the organizer at as well as all information about pigeons moved to the quarantine based on the vets recommendation. Veterinarian will visit the loft once a week or more offten if necessary.

4. System of the loft operations
The One Loft Race premisses will be operated by 2 – 3 employees (Loft manager, Assistant loft manager and 1 technical workers (feeding, drinking, cleaning, basketing)). The Loft manager will be responsible for managing the training, tosses, preparation for races, quality of feeding and drinking, will assist to the veterinarian and supervise the overall maintanance of the loft. Asistant Loft Manager will be responsible for day to day operation under the supervision of the Loft Manager or will be responsible for all duties of the Loft Manager (if not in presence) and also responsible for pigeon release for training or races from release area. In the close cooperation with the Jury to decide weather conditions on the day of the race and check the rules on release.
Basketing is public event and anybody from participating fanciers may be at presence during the basketing. There will be special area for all spectators to watch the basketing process. Each basket will be secured with the plomb and basketing for races will be under the supervision of notary public (final race). After basketing, loft will be checked by notary public (final race), if all pigeons have been basketed (beside those in quarantene). The list of all basketed pigeons will be published on the official web site of the organizer at the day of basketing.
Results of every official training or race will be also published at the day of arrival of the pigeons. If technically possible, there will be on-line live camera, so anybody around the world should able to connect to official site of organizer and watch “live“ arrival of pigeons from the race or official training with in-time results. The results of the races will be available at the loft area right after each race.
TS Mocenok One Loft Race area including loft area will be equiped with the camera system and this will allow participants to watch 24 hours a day the activity around the loft. This will be also part of security system, to monitor employees in the loft. Employees can enter the loft only from 6 am till 8 pm and ONLY with the presence of the member of the management. It means, no one can enter the loft alone. At 8 pm the key will be placed to the safe and sefe will be opened with the manager at 5 am. Survailance system will monitor the area of the loft 24 hrs. a day and 1 month cycle will be recorded for references and dispute (if any).
Loft area will be permanently under the security service survailance.

5. Methods of races.
will be raced as ussual, mixed sexes. Pigeons will be equiped with electronic rings from the date of first official training. All official trainings and all races will be clocked.
Racing teams – there is an option for organizations to enter the racing team of pigeons from various fanciers. Each team can have max. 15 pigeons and must be combined of min. 5 fanciers. All pigeons in the reacing team are racing under the name of the team (for example: Pigeon Vitality Racing Team) and names of members of the team will be disclosed only after the final race. All prize money belong to the owner of the team. Team owner will decide, how and to whom he will distribute the prizes. OLR Mocenok will not interfear with this procedure.

6. Race schedule and structure (incl. official training)
The release of the race will be published no later than 60 min. after physical release of the pigeons from the site of release.
Some races and dates can be changed due to weather conditions and distances may be changed. Information will be placed on the site at

6 a. Young pigeons
a. Practices:
04.8.2017 Šurany (SK) 18 km
08.8.2017 N. Zámky (SK) 30 km
10.8.2017 D. Streda (SK) 38 km
12.8.2017 Komarno (SK) 52 km
15.8.2017 Gyor (HU) 62 km
19.8.2017 Szekesfehervar (HU) 120 km

b. Races:
23.8.2017 Szekesfehervar (HU) 120 km
28.8.2017 Dunaujvaros (HU) 160 km
02.9.2017 Szekszard (HU) 222 km
08.9.2017 Szeged (HU) 275 km
16.9.2017 Timisoara (RO) 400 km (FINAL)

7. Awards and Prize Money
In every official race (besides the GP final race) will be awarded first 3 (three) returned pigeons.

Young pigeons:
1. Race Szekesfehervar (120 km):
1. cena 30 EUR + Sponsored prizes (200 EUR value)
2. cena 20 EUR + Sponsored prizes (150 EUR value)
3. cena 10 EUR + Sponsored prizes (100 EUR value)

2. Race Dunaujvaros (160 km):
1. cena 30 EUR + Sponsored prizes (200 EUR value)
2. cena 20 EUR + Sponsored prizes (150 EUR value)
3. cena 10 EUR + Sponsored prizes (100 EUR value)

3. Race Szekszard (222 km):
1. cena 30 EUR + Sponsored prizes (200 EUR value)
2. cena 20 EUR + Sponsored prizes (150 EUR value)
3. cena 10 EUR + Sponsored prizes (100 EUR value)

4. Race Szeged (275 km):
1. cena 30 EUR + Sponsored prizes (200 EUR value)
2. cena 20 EUR + Sponsored prizes (150 EUR value)
3. cena 10 EUR + Sponsored prizes (100 EUR value)

Final Race 16.9.2017 – Timisoara (400 km)
1. prize 3.000 € + Sponsored prizes (200 € value)
2. prize 1.500 € + Sponsored prizes (150 € value)
3. prize 800 € + Sponsored prizes (100 € value)
4. prize 400 €
5. prize 200 €
6. prize 100 €
7. prize 50 €
8. prize 50 €
9. prize 50 €
10. prize 50 €

ACE pigeon:
1. prize 300 €
2. prize 200 €
3. prize 100 €

Based on 600 pigeons in the OLR TS Mocenok.

7 a. Payment of prizes.
Payment of prizes for races will be paid within 30 days from the date of end of the auction (prize money + auctioned money) to the participated pigeon´s owner bank account. The prize money recipient is fully responsible for taxes and other charges of his/her government as well as for VAT charges (if applicable). In the event of ex-aequo’s the prizes of the ex-aequo’s are added together and divided by that number.

8. Auctions.
The auction will be held on Amazing Wings Auctions (DE) and EPBL Auctions Auctioned summ will be devided between the pigeon owner (40%) and OLR TS Mocenok (60%). Both parties agree to pay 10% commision to the auction provider.

9. Management TS Mocenok
The TS Mocenok One Loft Race organization is solely managed and operated by the board of directors of OZ TS Mocenok and is responsible for all solutions of complaints and suggestions.

10. Force majeure
In the event of exceptional circumstances (e.g. prohibition of competitions, long term veterinary prohibition) that may influence the correct progress of the TS Mocenok One Loft Races in one way or another, the organisation assumes the right to revise or cancel certain races or even whole season. There may be changes of dates and release places according to the recommendation of the International Jury.
If the capacity of the loft is not met, prize money may be reduced percentualy to the number of pigeons entered.

Download the registration form click here...