News & Information - TS Močenok 2017

On February 1st, 2017 all spots in OLR Mocenok were reserved. Management of OLR decided to enlarge the OLR facility and increase number of pigeons in the OLR from 600 to 750 pigeons. It is still possible to register pigeons to OLR Mocenok. Management will also increase the prize money in respect of the final number pigeons registered.
First race Szekesfehervar 122 km will be performed on 2nd of September. Forcasted release at 7.30 am.
First arrived pigeons from race no. 3-4 (Szeged - 289 km). Liberated 6.45 hod.:
1/ DV17-06549-554 10:23:11 Speedy Wings Kolossa (DE)
2/ SK17-1007-1053 10:23:12 Team EPBL chovna stanica
3/ CZ17-0296-667 10:23:12 Josef Charvat (CZ)
4/ DV17-06549-547 10:23:13 Speedy Wings Kolossa (DE)
5/ SK17-1007-897 10:23:14 Holubarsky e-shop Team
6/ CZ17-0296-1281 10:23:14 Jiri Hutarek ml. (CZ)
7/ SK17-1007-902 10:23:15 Greenvet Team
8/ SK17-1003-603 10:23:18 Rudolf Repan
9/ SK17-1007-886 10:23:20 Eko-Natur Racing Team
10/ DV17-09715-371 10:23:21 Reinhard Muhl (DE)

Congratulations to winners!
Basketing lists for Final race Timisoara (Romania) 400 km.:
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Weather forcast (wind in km/h) Timisoara 30.9.2017 at 8:00 a.m. click here...
Weather forcast (clouds in %) Timisoara 30.9.2017 at 8:00 a.m. click here...